Dialogue Foundation is a 501(c) non-profit organization dedicated to promoting harmony in the diverse cultural setting in Rhode Island. Dialogue Foundation believes that sincere dialogue and cooperation among people of different faiths and cultures promote an atmosphere of mutual trust, understanding, respect, and love – a critical challenge in today’s world. Our mission is building and fostering friendship bringing the community together in an open dialogue, which is based on mutual respect and understanding.


In a modern world where even the farthest point is within an arm’s reach, it is impossible to live anywhere without experiencing diversity. This diversity, rather than a difference is now appreciated the people who think that we can live in a world where people do have much more in common then separates them. In order for everyone to live peacefully together, it is important for individuals to rise above differences that drive us apart or against each other. Adopting the mutual respect and understanding Dialogue Foundation aims to bridge hearts and intellects in Rhode Island for the betterment of our community.


Dialogue Foundation seeks to accomplish its vision engaging in a variety of civic activities and inviting others to generate and share insights, therere moving barriers to confidence-building and trust. This sharing of insights and understanding can then create real opportunities for mutual respect and appreciation, offering an environment in which a shared narrative can be rooted.